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Walking Map – 一般社団法人 真鶴町観光協会

Click on the icons below to learn more and get directions to the sites around Manazuru.

Discover Manazuru

1 MANAZURU STATION: JR Tokaido Line. About 15 min from Odawara or Atami.

2. STONE MASON MONUMENT: The history of Manazuru is closely connected to the workers in the stone quarries. This monument was dedicated over 100 years ago to the masons of Manazuru who have worked through the centuries, from the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) to the present.

3. FORMER ARAI CASTLE PARK: This park was once the place of castle around 1083. The park is now popular for the quite bamboo groves and Shidare Sakura, Weeping Cherry Blossoms, that bloom in spring. The park is lit up in the evening when the flowers bloom giving visitors a surreal Japanese experience.

4. SHITODO CAVE: Minamoto Yoritomo was the founder of the Kamakura Shogunate. His family was usurped from power when he was a child and he was exiled to the Izu Peninsula. He began his efforts to take back his status as ruler of Japan, but lost his first battle near Manazuru. He found shelter in this cave before eventually conquering the Heike Clan in 1185.

5. KIBUNE SHRINE AND FESTIVAL: The Kibune Shrine is said to have a history dating back to 889. The Kibune Festival celebrates Manazuru`s connection and apprection for the sea and safety. It is held on July 27 and 28 in the harbor. The colorful and exciting event is one of Japan`s Three Major Boat Festivals and registered as a important part of Japan`s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

6. HAYASHI FOREST: During the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1867) under orders from the Odawara Chief, over 150 thousand pine trees were planted for timber on the Manazuru Peninsula. However with the change of government this area became an imperially protected area. The citizens have been proactive and supportive of the protection of this forest for the wildlife and future generations. Enjoy a walk among the dense forest and lush surroundings.

7. IWA SANDY BEACH: This sandy beach is great for families and children to play in the sea. The beach lays in a cove and has small waves that gently lap the shore. The surrounding cliffs and growing pine trees make this a picturesque spot.

8. NIYORAI TEMPLE: Hidden behind the Nyorai Temple, built in 1620, is a mysterious cave holding statues of the Bodhivista, Kanon, and others. Entering this cave is said to be a place where the judgement of your life in preparation for your next life takes place.

9. RYUMON TEMPLE: In 1767 the 13th monk of the temple erected this stone monument in dedication to the wishes for a happy and meaningful life for all. This stone was erected with the cooperation and work of many people.

10. MINAMOTO`S ESCAPE: Minamoto Yoritomo became the founder of the Kamakura Shogunate in 1185 which ruled Japan. He lost his first battle near Manazuru in 1180 and fled from the beaches of Iwa to the shores of Chiba. A number of his loyal followers stayed behind to protect his escape. He would regroup his forces and go on to establish the samurai as the ruling class and start the fuedal age of Japan.

11. MITSUISHI: The three sacred rocks at the end of the peninsula rise up from the water and are considered embodiments of natural spirits.

Fukuura Sushi: Enjoy the local fish, as fresh as you can, brought in from the sea every morning.

Kenny`s Pizza: Pizza made by a recent round addition to the community. Trained in Tokyo, using local ingredients to make a master pizza.

Okageso Cafe: A former french trained chef runs this friendly family owned cafe just steps from the harbor.

Kibune Soba: Fresh soba served with different toppings and a local flavor.

Hono Hono: A casual dining experience next to the harbor. Great fresh, a vibrant dishes in a cool and relaxing environment.

Iribune Ryokan

DIVING: Enjoy the beautiful waters and abundant sea life. There are diving school and equipment available to all thrill seekers.

HIKING: Walk through the preserved old growth forest. "Forest Bathing" will rejuvenate and refresh all. Enjoy the famous forest of Manazuru.

WALKING: The compact town is full of wandering paths and wonderful views. Discover something new or meet and interesting local.

BIKING: There are electric bikes available for rental to help you up hills and around town.