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Local Food – 一般社団法人 真鶴町観光協会

Taste and Discover Local Food

Fresh Local Food

Manazuru is a mountainous area located on the sea. Fresh fish comes in every morning, vegetables and fruit and grown in the hills, and a recent influx of new eateries makes this a great place to explore.

Fresh seafood from the source

Manazuru has a long and deep relationship with the sea. The fisherman of have helped support this town for generations. Manazuru is built around the central harbor. Fresh fish comes in every morning from Sagami Bay and the Pacific Ocean. These fish are served in the local restaurants and ryokan giving you some of the freshest fish you can ever have.

Mikan, a Local Citrus Fruit

The warm sea breezes and sloping hills give the fruit and vegetables abundant sunlight. The rich volcanic soil provides great nutrients to the Mikan citrus groves found throughout the town. There are a number of local farms producing fresh vegetables to the town as well. Time your visit right and you can pick and enjoy the wonderful tangy sweetness of the mikan, Japanese tangerine.

Local Ingredients, world class taste

A recent trend in using local ingredients and skills learned in the big city and abroad have expanded the food options in this seaside town. In Manazuru there is now more than the delicious fresh sushi. Try the wonderful pizza, cafes, and noodle shops that all use and highlight local Manazuru ingredients that are in season.

Local Farms and Vegetables

The sunlight and mild climate of Manazuru make it a great place to grow vegetables. The volcanic soil is rich in nutrients. Many local people grow their own vegetables and there is a growing trend of eating locally in the forward thinking community. Try or even visit a local farm. Contact us for details or to set something up!

Culture and Events


The small town is home to some amazing stuff. From Renoir to world-class shells.


Manazuru celebrates its appreciation and dedication to nature in some wonderful festivals.


Walk the town to discover more, or take a tour to learn of the famous samurai escaping through town.

Feel Nature

Explore Nature

Walk amongst the trees in one of Japan`s last few protected old growth forests.

Enjoy the Sea

Swim, dive, snorkel, or just enjoy the sound of the waves or the expansive views of the ocean.


The beautiful nature is a perfect setting for water sports, jogging, yoga, and more.