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Culture and History – 一般社団法人 真鶴町観光協会

Discover Culture and Feel History

History, Culture, Community

Manazuru has a long a close history with the sea and the rock quarries in the mountains. There are wonderful art events, museums, work spaces, and a great vibe to this town by the sea.

Kibune Matsuri Festival and Shrine

The Kibune Shrine is said to have a history dating back to 889. The Kibune Festival celebrates Manazuru`s connection and apprection for the sea and safety. It is held on July 27 and 28 in the harbor. The colorful and exciting event is one of Japan`s Three Major Boat Festivals and registered as a important part of Japan`s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Museums and Crafts

Manazuru`s natural beauty and inspirational setting has drawn a diverse and eclectic group of artists and museums to this small town. The Endo Shell Museum contains a world-class collection of seashells. Nakagawa museum is an airy and spacious museum displaying works of Western influenced Japanese art. There are many small museums and art festivals to enjoy as well. In March, the Machinare, art festival allows you to walk and discover art installations across the town.


Festivals and Events

The Kibune Festival celebrates and has shown respect to the sea for many years. This yearly festival is held on July 27 & 28. It has been recognized as one of the three most important sea festivals in all of Japan. Manazuru makes great use of the surrounding nature by holding several interesting events as well. There are free diving events with world-class athletes, mini- marathons, and many more during the year. Check out Facebook for our most recent information.

Explore Living History

The citizens of Manazuru have been dedicated and proactive in their preservation of the town. A "Design Code" created by the citizens has been recognized internationally for the community-centric approach to town creation. You will see no high rises here, and there are plenty of old paths to discover throughout the hills. Manazuru is a place to get lost in and discover, just being here is a special experience.



Manazuru is built around the harbor. Taste the daily catch at one of the local sushi restaurants.

Local Food

Enjoy new dishes by young chefs that fuse the local food and their skills honed in the big city.

Local Farms

The rich soil and health awareness are a perfect match for a vibrant local farming community.


Explore the Forest

Old growth forests protected by Shogun 300 years ago await your exploration.

Enjoy the Sea

Manazuru Peninsula juts out into the sea and has places to enjoy a swim or take in the views.


The sea is your playground. Swim, dive, snorkel, kayak, and more. Or just lay on the sandy beach of Iwa.